made for bad weather

Bad Weather is an organic hassle-free skincare company for men. Refined by the cold Baltic weather and run by northern men with a solid belief that taking care of men's skin should be easy, straight-forward and functional. Like putting on a raincoat when it rains.

Janis Kesa, the heart and brain of Bad Weather, has worked in the organic skincare industry for a decade. A carefully sourcing the best ingredients for 100% natural men's skincare is his passion and skill. On the side, Janis loves brewing craft beer and gin in his brewery.

As a privately owned company, Bad Weather is committed to making men's products as good and natural as they can be. No compromise and no bullshit. Our ingredients come from raw plants grown at our local organic farm. We take care of everything from distillation to extraction and manufacturing.

Our products are designed to endure rough seasons and prepare you for the years to come. We are here for the long run and believe discipline, and simple daily routine is the one thing necessary to achieve any goal worth having — both in skincare and your daily life.


Janis Kesa, founder 
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